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Innovation at the core

We follow Lean approach in all the products and solutions that we develop, keeping end customer who will be using the actual solution. Help you validate your hypothesis by quickly building Minimum Viable Product MVP and reduce the time to market and build what your customer actually wants.



Add voice to your News Portal or Blog. Turn your news portal to a podcasting channel without any additional effort. We deliver a mobile app with voice capability that will automatically convert your articles to podcasts.

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Club Connect

An instant messaging solution specially designed to meet all the social needs of your club. The unified mobile app facilitates the members to connection resulting in better engagement.

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The Alumniz

This product is designed for educational institutes to solve the gap between the institution and the Alumniz. Opposing to the regular social website model, the solution is designed as mobile first model focusing on Instant messaging as the core and social media around it.

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We help businesses to directly communicate with the customers through the power of technology. Our instant messaging solution will connect your customers and help you to get into conversations and deliver what the customers expect. Here are few of our solutions focusing on different industries.


The power of instant messaging will change the way how regular online shopping with carried. Shopping will be more fun with friends and family. We bring the same time shopping experience to your customer with our solutions Reach out to us to get more details


We changing the way how colleges connect with their students. Bringing collaboration and sharing of information at the digital age through mobile communication.


Keep in touch with all your members and bring better engagement through our innovative communication solution tailor made to fit your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our mantra is to “Helping business to build intelligence” through AI. We strongly believe that AI is the going to transform the tech industry drastically in the next few years. We help business to build intelligent Bots based on your needs to automate the business routines and attract new customers.

The bots are social centric and connect to various social medias and enterprise applications. On the social media front we build bots that will connect to Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Slack, Matter Most.

Augment Reality

The second big change that we envision is with the Augmented Reality. This brings are huge difference in how we experience things. We provide solutions for ECommerce and Jewelry industry segments right now

Virtual Trial Room: Retail Clothing

We help retailers solve this problem by enabling customers to try the clothing on their body using web camera. At the same time delivering a WOW shopping experience.

Virtual Mirror: Jewelry

A mobile tablet converted to a virtual mirror offers your customers to virtually try on and compare themselves all your inventory without the risk of displaying and handling the physical product at the same time giving a wonderful shopping experience to your customers.

Skill India Program

No more theories only practical hands on experience! LEARN. APPLY. UNLEARN.

We teamed up with professional team of enthusiastic individuals with more than a decade of corporate experience joined hands to help students to gain practical knowledge on what their job would need them to do. We will bridge the gap of what a student would need to get a job. (To address the gap between the students skills and job)

Improve employable skills by making the students to work on tasks individually and as a team. The enthusiasts has carved the below courses to equip the students to fit to the industry expection.

Own your own website

We will train students to practically build their resume website on their own from scratch to hosting and managing it. Learn all the nuances of developing your own website

  • What is a domain?
  • Who owns the internet?
  • FTP
  • Buying your Own Domain
  • Intro to WordPress
  • Develop your website in local machine
  • Host your website online

Cloud Computing with Amazon AWS

Learn the latest buzz in the market "Cloud Computing", we train you how cloud computing works and help you build your own cloud applications.

  • Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Intro to Amazon Web Services
  • Creating Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Server
  • Hosting WordPress in EC2 instance
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Connecting multiple EC2 instance to an ELB
  • Intro to RDS Database Server


xSeed Innovation Technologies has the vision to seed the future through innovation, build products & solutions to help business to succeed by practically solving greater problems.

Our mantra is to “Helping business to build intelligence” through Artificial Intelligence.

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